Malaysia holidays at a bargain!


During the last 12 months the world has seen considerable fluctuations of major currencies. Everybody knows about the newly gained strength of the US Dollar and the Euro weakness. What many people don’t know is that the Malaysian Ringgit has also depreciated in value which means that your Malaysia holiday has just become more affordable. Even travellers from Europe may rejoice because the Ringgit has fallen almost in tandem with the common currency. This means that Europeans won’t feel the pinch when they discover beautiful Malaysia. Enjoy local breakfast at a downtown restaurant for as little as 1 Euro 20 Cents, catch a movie for 3 Euro, use KL’s Monorail for 30-60 Euro Cents or take an air-conditioned coach (incl. infotainment) from KL to Singapore for very affordable 17 Euro. At our guesthouse you get an air-conditioned double room with ensuite bathroom, Wifi, breakfast etc for as little as 22 Euro. On top of that you may enjoy e.g. the super attractive airfares offered by AirAsia in case you want to explore the region. What these examples can’t tell you of course is that to discover Malaysia always means to discover an entire world. This is how diverse and colourful we are 🙂

300 Tripadvisor reviews for Orange Pekoe

P1030972Today we are celebrating the 300th review of our guesthouse on Tripadvisor. 300 reviews in 19 months – that means 1 review every other day. We think this is an achievement and want to thank you all for your feedback. Your reviews are our motivation to carry on and to never stop trying to further improve the feel-good accommodation that you find at our place. We love to get praise (how couldn’t we..) but we equally listen to all those who make constructive suggestions. As long as we do that, we should be on the right track.

Even with the best of efforts, it may happen once in a while that we cannot live up to guests’ expectations. That’s why we always try to remind our friends that we are only a guesthouse and not a hotel. Things here are simple, friendly and clean. If this is what you want when you are looking for budget accommodation in downtown KL, you won’t get disappointed.

Thank you again to all those who have stayed with us as well as to our future guests. You have made Orange Pekoe Guesthouse what it is today!

The 5th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Putrajaya

Image 1 Image Image 2 Image 3 Image 4From 28th – 31st March the 5th International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta took place in Malaysia’s administrative capital Putrajaya. This year 18 balloonists from all over the world participated in the “Fiesta” which is a spectacle that should not be missed by anybody who visits Malaysia during that time.

Our original plan to go see the “Night Glow” (a light and music show that culminates in a fireworks) was drowned by a heavy downpour in Kuala Lumpur. So we left KL early next morning to witness the regular Hot Air Balloon Show. By 7am there was already a lot of activity around the launching field. Crews were busy to prepare the balloons for take off and families cued up to go for trial rides in tethered hot air balloons. Around 7.30am the first balloons took to the sky – a magnificent moment that brought back childhood memories. As in previous years, the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta was accompanied by a number of side events for children and adults. Participants of the KL Jazz Festival provided musical entertainment. All in all a great event. We will certainly be back next year. Meanwhile, we will look out for an opportunity to go for a long ride in a hot air balloon ourselves. It’s one of these dreams that we have had for a long time. No more delays. Gotta work on it 🙂

From The Nest to Orange Pekoe – feel-good accommodation in downtown KL has a new name

Image 1Since we opened our doors in October 2011, our guesthouse has become a popular address with travelers from all over the world. Unfortunately, our success prompted others to copy our name – The Nest. And before we knew it, there were a few “Nests” in Kuala Lumpur. Soon unfortunate misunderstandings happened where travelers who wanted to stay with us ended up in the wrong place.

In order to put an end to this unpleasant situation we decided to re-brand ourselves. At some point “Orange Pekoe” popped up in our heads and while there is no instant link between a certain quality of young tea leafs and a cozy guesthouse, we liked and like the uniqueness of the name. We also like the colour orange which stands for positive energy and a good vibe – aspects which are very important at our place. So “Orange Pekoe” it is and while the name is new, our passion and love for what we are doing remains unchanged.

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Cheers from all of us here at Orange Pekoe 🙂

We wish you a Happy New Year!!!

IMG_2302As 2013 is only a few hours away, we would like to wish all our friends, guests and travelers a Happy New Year! May 2013 bring all of you the best of everything in everything and lots of health, love and happiness. Of course we also wish all of you many new opportunities to discover the world in its endless diversity. Who knows, maybe Malaysia will be one of your travel destinations this coming year?! All those who are going to be our guests here at The Nest we want to promise that our “feel-good accommodation in downtown KL” will never loose its unique and friendly character. For 2013 we pledge to be as committed as ever to provide you with the best budget accommodation in town. For us that means hard work but also a lot of satisfaction. Last but not least a big Thank You to everybody who has been following our blog. 21,000 visitors in 2012 are the biggest compliment we can get 🙂

Once again a Happy New Year from all of us here! Cheers,

Your Nest Team

PS: please remember – there is only one Nest Guesthouse, the award-winning original. We are NOT affiliated in any form with some hotel that has decided to borrow our name.

Hostelbookers' "Staff Award" for The Nest

We are very happy to announce that we have just won Hostelbookers’ Staff Award. After last year’s “Cleanliness Award” and Tripadvisor’s “Excellence Award” 2012 this is the 3rd award for The Nest in less than 12 months.

A big thank you to our staff! You are the best! All your hard work, your positive energy and your service-minded approach are key for the feel-good accommodation that we offer our guests.

New: Safe Boxes in your Room!

As part of our ongoing program to make good things even better we have just equipped all our Superior, Deluxe and Family Rooms with convenient safe boxes for your personal belongings. The safe boxes come with our newly designed kidney-shaped writing desks which look really cool. We hope you will like this new feature when you stay in any of our Superior, Deluxe or Family Room.

Happy Birthday – The Nest is turning 1!

Sometimes when you are super busy, you don’t realize how fast time goes by. So it seems hard to believe that we are already turning 1. Gosh, what a year! When we opened our doors and welcomed Justin and Jolanda from Holland as our first guests, we could not know whether our interpretation of budget accommodation would be well-liked or not. But then travelers from all over the world started to arrive and soon our place became what we wanted it to be – a little United Nations of casual travelers 🙂

We are not sure who attracts what but fact is that we have been blessed with such a fantastic crowd. And just as the people make the party, it’s our guests who have made The Nest what it is today. We are very grateful for all the experience of the past 12 months. A lot of learning – for sure. But also countless wonderful moments with special people. Many guests have left here as friends and when that happens we feel that we have done something right.

Over the past 12 months many people have given us praise and good reviews which earned us a Hostelbooker and a Tripadvsior Award. Of course we are happy and proud of this achievement. But we also see that all this honor may sometimes lead to false expectations. We are only a guesthouse, simple and friendly. We are not a hotel! So you won’t find TV or fridges in our guest rooms. But what you will experience is the personal, warm and genuinely welcoming spirit of our place.

To all those who enjoyed their stay with us we pledge to keep it up. And all those who think that we could further improve we promise that we will. After all, we are – just like our guests – on a journey that takes us to ever new horizons.

A big thank you to our team for their hard work and passion. And thank you, dear guests, for staying with us. All of you have made feel-good accommodation in downtown KL a reality!

There is only one Nest Guesthouse!

We take it as a compliment when others like our name and logo to an extent that they borrow it 🙂 But hey guys, you confuse guests who are looking for the original! The Nest is NOT a boutique hotel, it is a guesthouse. We are not located in some part of town but in the very heart of Kuala Lumpur – off Bukit Bintang. This is where feel-good accommodation takes place.

Our guests can book directly with us on our website, via Hostelbookers and Hostelworld or via Agoda.

And yes, we have a lively wordpress blog for KL travelers. Here are the details of the original:

The Nest Guesthouse,

1-1 Jalan Angsoka (off Jalan Nagasari), Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603-2110 2000