At Orange Pekoe everybody is welcome!

When we conceived Orange Pekoe it was our intention to create a guesthouse that welcomes all travellers, including families with children. We knew of course that some B&Bs, hotels etc opt for a less inclusive approach for fear that youngsters might disturb other guests, make a lot of noise or damage things. After a few years of operation we stand by our open door policy and believe that it has been one of the best decisions we could ever make.

At our guesthouse families find their own space in our specially configured Family Rooms. And kids who stay with us show us all the time that they can behave provided they are comfortable with their environment. The fact that children identify Orange Pekoe as their ‘comfort zone’ is a big compliment coming from our youngest guests.

Orange Pekoe is a place where backpackers, flashpackers, singles, couples, adventurous retirees and kids come together. They may speak different languages and have different cultures, traditions and faiths. But what really matters is that once our guests are united in their diversity, they create the good vibe that defines our guesthouse. To see this happen is the most rewarding experience for all members of our team. That is why we will never let go of our belief that everybody is welcome at our place!

Photo: little Julie from Prague instantly adopted our guesthouse as her second home.

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