Escape European winter with a getaway to Malaysia!

IMG_1908Believe it or not – we are very familiar with the cold, wet and foggy season in Europe. And who doesn’t dream of an escape into warm and sunny weather? Who doesn’t long for short sleeves and pants and the feeling of eternal summer? Well, if you count yourself among those who want to have a little summer getaway, maybe it’s time to consider a holiday in Malaysia?! Many airlines fly to KL, so it’s never difficult to find cheap air tickets. And once you are in Malaysia’s capital, you will be able to benefit from super cheap connecting flights to the entire region with AirAsia which has turned KL into a huge hub for budget travellers.

We strongly believe that it is a great idea to arrive in KL and to stay here for a few days before starting your onward journey. And here is why: KL is a very easy entry point for Asia. Things are less chaotic here than in many other Asian metropolis. Signs, menus in restaurants etc etc are all in English, people are very welcoming and friendly and there is a lot you can do here while getting rid of your jet lag.

When you look for accommodation in KL, you should always consider location. No point staying somewhere in suburbia where it is difficult to find transportation. The other element is of course room rates. Who wants to spend a fortune already at the beginning of a holiday? Well, if these things matter to you, Orange Pekoe Guesthouse may be a good choice. We are in super central location and offer a friendly, clean and safe environment for very affordable room rates. We write Service with capital S and take pride in making sure that all our guests get the best out of their stay in Kuala Lumpur. So when you look for feel-good budget accommodation in downtown KL, check us out on Tripadvisor and our homepage

While we can’t export eternal summer to Europe, you can find it here – 365 days a year. Meanwhile, let us soothe your mind with a few random pictures of nature that you will discover when you come to beautiful Malaysia. Cheers!



Image 6







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