Happy Birthday! Orange Pekoe just turned 2!

IMG_2601October is our birthday month and while KL is taking a deep breath between one high season and the next, we have been busy carrying out some maintenance work at our place. The time when we celebrate the birthday of our guesthouse is also a moment where we want to thank all of you, former guests, future guest and friends for giving us your support.

We are repeating ourselves here when we say that just like the people make the party it is the guests who make a guesthouse! We feel particularly blessed that Orange Pekoe continues to be a place which is popular with young families, backpackers, flashpackers, singles and couples of all ages alike.

While most of our guests come here with the right expectations – i.e. that Orange Pekoe provides friendly, clean, centrally located and affordable budget accommodation – we sometimes feel that travelers who stay with us expect to find a boutique hotel or similar. We believe that this happens simply because the term “guesthouse”, especially when used in other parts of the world, may have a different meaning. Being world travelers ourselves, we remember staying at 4-star guesthouses that had all the characteristics of a little boutique hotel. Well, that is not what we aspire to be as it is our goal to allow everybody, regardless of travel budget, to stay in downtown KL.

Things here are simple. And while e.g. all our rooms come with individual bathrooms these bathrooms are traditional style Asian wet rooms. Of course we could have built in western style shower cubicles etc but that would have deprived us of the possibility to offer you such affordable rates.

Based on the high number of enquiries and advance bookings, we assume that we are ahead of another busy season and we are looking forward to welcoming all our guests, especially those who look for a winter escape in tropical climate. Malaysia has tons of things to offer and making KL the starting point of your trip is an excellent idea. Once again a BIG thank you from all of us here!

Your OP Team 🙂


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