Orange Pekoe Dish Pick!

thosaiThis time around, we are showcasing an Indian dish that has made its way into the tummies of Malaysians. The thosai is a popular dish that originated from Southern India, but has since become popular in parts of South East Asia. It has become common to see thosai served as a breakfast dish, but in most places, is available throughout the day.

Thosai (pronounced tow-say) is made of fermented rice batter, generously seasoned with black lentils. The batter is then spread thinly on a hot griddle, resulting in a crêpe-like dish. It is then either folded or rolled, and taken of the griddle.

The thosai is best eaten hot, as the crunchiness is part of what makes this dish so appetizing. The taste of the thosai can be described as a savoury pancake, with a hint of spiciness from the lentils. Thosai can be found in most “mamak” restaurants throughout the city. When you stay with us, your delicious thosai experience is just around the corner!

Variations of the thosai includes the thosai telur (egg thosai, a thosai that is cooked with eggs spread on top it), thosai bawang (onion thosai, a thosai with sauted onions sprinkled with the batter), and the impressive paper thosai (a thosai with the same ingredients, but it spread out so thin and long that it can reach up until two feet when served).

Foodies will agree that thosai taste even better when eaten with some chutney as a condiment [pictured]. The type of chutney that complements the thosai perfectly is the coconut chutney. Don’t be afraid to ask for extra when you have your thosai. You won’t regret it!


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