8 Great Reasons to visit Malaysia

We have always thought that there are many things that make Malaysia an extremely rewarding travel destination. Just in case you still cannot decide, here is our own, personal list of 8 great reasons to visit Malaysia. Of course our list is subjective and incomplete – how could it be different? But we believe that you, too, will enjoy some of the aspects that we like so much about this beautiful country.

Diversity. Malaysia offers an endless diversity in about everything. People, culture, food, nature – you name it. Hence there are so many things to explore and to experience. We guarantee that you won’t get bored in such a colorful environment!

Friendliness. Malaysians are an incredibly welcoming crowd. The friendliness that you experience everywhere is part of the local culture and an expression of genuine hospitality. We hardly know any other place where it is that easy to connect with locals and to make friends.

Infrastructure. Malaysia has a well developed infrastructure. So getting around is no problem at all. Plus, KL is the hub of Air Asia which means that you have countless local and international flight connections at fantastic rates.

Weather. If you are a “light” person and if you love to be outdoors, Malaysia won’t let you down. We have a lot of sunshine here and even when it rains, you will never feel the creeping cold that comes with bad weather in cooler climates. The fact that we can wear t-shirts and shorts throughout the year is quality of life, isn’t it?!

Nature. Malaysia offers amazing nature. From some to the world’s best diving resorts to the highland rainforest in Cameron Highlands, there is so much beauty out there that is waiting for you. We believe that nothing is a better therapy for body and mind than spending time with Mother Nature.

Food. Food is a reflection of local culture. And with such a rich heritage, it does not come as a surprise that Malaysia has amazing food. Sure, there are plenty of high-end gourmet temples here. But what we are referring to is the simple, genuine food that you can find everywhere and that is so affordable.

Cost of living. For most visitors a holiday in Malaysia is very affordable pleasure. We are just back from lunch and we payed US-$ 2.00 each for a meal plus drink. Our location: downtown KL! The same goes for accommodation, transport etc – most things here are very reasonably priced. But if you have some extra money and want to spend it, you won’t have a problem either. From simple markets to high-end malls – Malaysia has it all.

Kuala Lumpur. We believe that Kuala Lumpur is a great place to start/end your vacation.   In fact, many of our guests make KL their “base camp” and explore the region from here. There are reasons for that. One, KL’s geographic location makes it an ideal destination both for travelers arriving from east and west. Two, KL is simply a pleasant city. It’s neither overwhelming nor chaotic. It is just nice, friendly and welcoming. When you arrive after a long journey and want to get rid of your jet lag, it’s good to be at a place that is well organized yet entertaining.

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