A visit to KL’s Central Market

P1030912KL visitors who plan to visit Chinatown and Petaling Street should not miss out on KL’s Central Market. Founded in 1888, Central Market started as an open air wet market for locals. Later it was decided to give the venue a more permanent structure which eventually led to the art deco facade which has been preserved until today. Only in the late 1970s Central Market was transformed from a wet market into a center for Malaysian art and handicraft.

P1030916 P1030918 P1030922 P1030927 P1030930Today, Central Market houses an abundance of little shops that offer everything from batik to handicraft and locally made spa products. Browsing through the things that are on offer is really fun. If you are looking for little souvenirs and gifts, you won’t get disappointed. And negotiating a better price, especially if you buy several items, is part of the fun. Many shops even offer a shipping service in case you decide to buy bigger items. Central Market also has a few cafes and restaurants where you can take a break in case your feet get tired from walking around. All this takes place in an indoor, air-conditioned environment. That’s why Central Market is a great destination in case you experience a rainy day or if the heat gets on you. Also check out the so-called Annex Building which houses art galleries and the Kasturi Walk which runs along the main building.

tip drop shadow 2Central Market is open daily from 10am-10pm. Reaching Central Market from Orange Pekoe is easy: just take the free GoKL bus (purple route) that directly takes you there.

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