From The Nest to Orange Pekoe – feel-good accommodation in downtown KL has a new name

Image 1Since we opened our doors in October 2011, our guesthouse has become a popular address with travelers from all over the world. Unfortunately, our success prompted others to copy our name – The Nest. And before we knew it, there were a few “Nests” in Kuala Lumpur. Soon unfortunate misunderstandings happened where travelers who wanted to stay with us ended up in the wrong place.

In order to put an end to this unpleasant situation we decided to re-brand ourselves. At some point “Orange Pekoe” popped up in our heads and while there is no instant link between a certain quality of young tea leafs and a cozy guesthouse, we liked and like the uniqueness of the name. We also like the colour orange which stands for positive energy and a good vibe – aspects which are very important at our place. So “Orange Pekoe” it is and while the name is new, our passion and love for what we are doing remains unchanged.

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Cheers from all of us here at Orange Pekoe 🙂


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