We wish you a Happy New Year!!!

IMG_2302As 2013 is only a few hours away, we would like to wish all our friends, guests and travelers a Happy New Year! May 2013 bring all of you the best of everything in everything and lots of health, love and happiness. Of course we also wish all of you many new opportunities to discover the world in its endless diversity. Who knows, maybe Malaysia will be one of your travel destinations this coming year?! All those who are going to be our guests here at The Nest we want to promise that our “feel-good accommodation in downtown KL” will never loose its unique and friendly character. For 2013 we pledge to be as committed as ever to provide you with the best budget accommodation in town. For us that means hard work but also a lot of satisfaction. Last but not least a big Thank You to everybody who has been following our blog. 21,000 visitors in 2012 are the biggest compliment we can get 🙂

Once again a Happy New Year from all of us here! Cheers,

Your Nest Team

PS: please remember – there is only one Nest Guesthouse, the award-winning original. We are NOT affiliated in any form with some hotel that has decided to borrow our name.


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