A visit to the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM)

Finally we made good on a promise that we had given ourselves a long time ago and went to visit the Islamic Arts Museum or IAMM. Yours truly are not shying away from places of culture – on the contrary – it’s just that sometimes everyday life takes over. And we all know what that means. So it took a few attempts before we finally made it to IAMM on a sunny November morning.

We knew that we would love this place and were not disappointed. Moderate RM 12 (around US-$ 4) buy you access to some 30,000 square metres of exhibition space. The museum has a number of permanent galleries as well as temporary exhibitions.

Even though Islamic art comprises a huge field that reaches from architecture to jewellery and that stretches geographically from China to the Middle East and northern Africa, the IAMM curators refrained from over-loading the space with artifacts which is a good thing. So the 4 levels of the museum never feel over-whelming or even unmanageable. And even two short hours at the IAMM will be a rewarding experience for any visitor.

We particularly loved the collection of old Qur’ans with their beautifully gilded and painted pages. Interesting also the various models of mosques that represent the different types of mosque architecture all over the world. Another highlight is the Ottoman Room – the reconstructed interior of a traditional Ottoman house from today’s Syria.

At the end of our tour we stopped by at the museum shop which offers a nice collection of books, replicas and handicraft. For those who go hungry, the IAMM also has a restaurant (which we did not try) with local cuisine.

To sum up things: the IAMM is one of KL’s best (if not THE best) museums that is definitely worth a visit. If you have to limit yourself to one museum in KL, that’s the place to go. Don’t miss it while you stay with us at The Nest. We will be happy to advise you on special events and to assist you with organizing transportation from the guesthouse to the museum.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
Jalan Lembah Perdana
(behind the National Mosque)
Opening Hours: daily from 10am-6pm

Tip: combine your IAMM visit with a visit to the Botanical Gardens (Lake Gardens) or KL’s Bird Park. We recommend that you take a taxi to the Botanical Gardens/Bird Park from where you can walk down to the museum. At the museum you will easily find a cab that takes you back to the guesthouse.


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