Sweeten your day with Sour Plum!

It’s been a while since we have talked about food and beverages on this blog. Time then to introduce a local favorite that is absolutely delicious – “Sour Plum”. Sour Plum is a beverage made of preserved sour plums, limes and sugar which are mixed with water and ice. The sweet-sour taste of this drink is an absolute winner on hot days and promises to quench your thirst like no other. After sunset, a shot of vodka will turn your Sour Plum into a delicious long drink. Of course you can also add a mint leaf or two. Whether you try it “with” or “without”, don’t forget to have this great beverage when you come to KL. Simple recipes are available on the internet. If you can’t find sour plums in the country of your origin, just buy a packet or two and take them back home with you. Cheers!

Look for your glass of Sour Plum in restaurants that serve Chinese food. If your waiter does not understand sour plum, ask for ‘Kat Zai Suin Mui’.


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