Oasis in the city – KL's Botanical Garden

Even hard-core urbanites need the occasional break from busy city life. Problem is – where to go if time is limited and if you do not dispose of your own means of transportation? Here is the good news: Kuala Lumpur is blessed with a green oasis of more than 90ha that is commonly known as the Lake Gardens. Lake Gardens whose official name is “Perdana Botanical Garden” since it was revamped and upgraded not long time ago, is located close to the city centre and can easily be reached by taxi. KL’s “Central Park” which was first designed by the British is built around an artificial lake. Lush, tropical greenery, water falls, flowers, plants and differently themed sections of the park are a true feast for the eye. A deer park and a large playground make Lake Gardens also a great destination for families with children. On weekends Lake Gardens tends to get busy with locals. So if you want to have the park for yourself, go there during the week. Entrance is free.

Tip: We recommend Lake Gardens for a breakfast picnic. Get there around 8am, bring some food and coffee and enjoy a serene morning before you dive back into the hustle and bustle of downtown KL. A great way to start your day if you visit KL! You can also combine your picnic with a visit of KL’s Bird Park which is just next door.



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