Food Galore on Jalan Alor

When we give new guests a brief introduction of our neighborhood, we always mention Jalan Alor which is only 5 minutes away from The Nest. Jalan Alor is a must for every KL visitor but equally popular with locals from all parts of town. After sunset, Jalan Alor turns into a food paradise that caters to every taste. Life here takes place outdoors and countless restaurants and stalls are lined up to feed a hungry crowd. From chicken to frogs, from “Mee” (noodles) to seafood  – everything is available in a sheer endless variety on Jalan Alor. The setting is casual, the food excellent and prices very reasonable. If you want to explore some of KL’s famous food culture, this is the place to go!


Tip: Most places on Jalan Alor close late. So even if you are looking for a late supper, you won’t be disappointed. Ask us about our favorite places on Jalan Alor when you stay with us!


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