Have a break, have Teh Tarik!

When you explore Kuala Lumpur’s food and beverage culture, it is impossible not to come across Teh Tarik. Teh Tarik which means “pulled tea”, is a very popular hot tea beverage that got its name from the way it is prepared. A mix of black tea and condensed milk is poured back and forth between two vessels from a height in order to give the tea not only the right temperature but also the best possible flavor.

People working in coffee shops and local mamak restaurants have turned the preparation of Teh Tarik into an art and it is really fun to see how the tea is “pulled” several times without spilling a single drop.

If you want to do it like the locals, try Teh Tarik with Nasi Lemak which are both part of Malaysia’s food and beverage heritage.


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