Christmas in Kuala Lumpur!

When you come from the northern hemisphere, spending Xmas in the tropics is an exotic affair, at least when it comes to the weather. Yes, this year you will miss out on white Xmas. But being able to wear your Bermudas and t-shirts while your friends back home opt for a second sweater is not a bad thing either, is it?

Wherever you go in KL, Xmas is in the air. Malls and shops are decorated in the colours of the festive season. Santas hand out little gifts to the kids and choirs give live performances of Xmas carols. Everybody loves Xmas, it seems, regardless of cultural background. And many people, even if they never visit a church, set up their own little Xmas tree at home.

Of course, we are also marking the festive season here at The Nest with some Xmas decoration. Our Xmas tree has been up since early December and as Xmas draws close, we tune in to some Xmas classics on Lite FM. What is still missing are the gifts that Santa Claus will bring along when he stops by in a few days. Our sources tell us that this year he has a little something for everybody who stays with us on this special day 🙂  So we are already excited and can’t wait for Xmas to arrive.

We wish all our guests and friends a Merry Xmas and a happy holiday!!


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