Breakfast in the Golden Triangle (2) – Nasi Lemak

Good relationships are timeless – just as the love on which they are based. And yes, abiding love and passion we feel for Malaysia’s national dish – Nasi Lemak.

This time we take you to Jalan Alor, KL’s famous food street in the heart of the city. Those who know Jalan Alor only at night, will be surprised how sleepy this part of KL can be in the morning. With one exception of course: at the corner of Jalan Alor and Changkat Bukit Bintang a steady stream of people are queuing up for Nasi Lemak and other local breakfast delights. “Nasi Lemak Alor Corner”, as this place of goodness is called, is a real institution. Uncle who like an Italian “Patrone” sits in his chair to oversee the smooth operation of his business, tells us that he has been around since 1982. And once you try their Nasi Lemak, you instantly understand why.

Key elements of Malaysia’s national dish are steamed rice (that was soaked in coconut cream before it was steamed), roasted peanuts, small fried anchovies, hard boiled egg, cucumber and sambal (hot spicy sauce). We usually add a piece of chicken. Others may opt for beef rendang (more on this great dish some other time) or even seafood. Everything is wrapped in a banana leaf and then you are ready to go. Back at The Nest we go “off duty” for a few minutes to enjoy “our” Nasi Lemak and renew our pledge of eternal love for this wonderful dish!

Nasi Lemak Alor Corner is open daily (except Monday) from 7am – 11am and only 5 minutes walk away from The Nest. If you want to try Nasi Lemak, just ask us. We will be happy to introduce you to this breakfast highlight in our neighbourhood!


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