Shop until you drop? At Sungei Wang you can!

ImageWhen you travel to Kuala Lumpur, expect to see lots of sunshine and blue skies throughout the year. Having said that, it’s important to remember that tropical climate also comes with the occasional downpour. When this happens, a visit to Sungei Wang is just the perfect thing to do.

Sungei Wang Plaza may be an old lady in terms of years (it first opened in 1977) but when it comes to shops and visitors, it is one of the youngest and trendiest places in town. With some 500 shops and 7 floors, Sungei Wang is a retail Mecca where you can find virtually everything. You want to get a Tattoo? No problem. You are looking for young local designers? Here you go. You need some extra t-shirts or additional luggage for your onward journey? Sure they have got all this and much, much more.

And it’s not only the bargains that make it really fun to hang out at Sungei Wang. Just watching the crowd is good entertainment already. The best way to experience Sungei Wang though, is simply to allow yourself to get lost in this labyrinth of shops and boutiques. Don’t even try to remember where exactly you are. Just go with the flow. And rest assured that eventually you will re-emerge – most likely with a few shopping bags in your hands 🙂 You won’t have to carry them far. Sungei Wang is just 5 minutes away from The Nest!


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