Building a Nest

At the time we found our premises on Jalan Angsoka late last year, the future Nest was used as a backpacker’s hostel. “Trekker Lodge” was fairly dark and run down. Everywhere we looked we saw signs of decay and neglect. But even though this first impression was discouraging, we believed that we could turn around things here with lots of love and a fair amount of patience. How much patience we would need, we didn’t know. Trust me, it was better this way 🙂

Building a Nest is never easy. And we – just like anybody who is building or renovating a house – had to overcome this and that hurdle. Selective memory is setting in. Thank God. And so I’d rather write about what went well than whatever may have gone wrong.

Somehow, the name for our new guesthouse came so easily. “The Nest” communicates everything we wanted to create: a cozy place, safe, homely and friendly. A little oasis for all those who want to recharge their batteries between their urban travel adventures. A place where people care and where guests have a name and not just a number.

Logically, the interior design had to be in line with this concept. Can’t do pop art and call it a Nest, can you? Well, I guess you can. But that’s not what we wanted, anyway. Our take on “cozy” and homely was simple: just follow your instinct and always ask yourself whether this or that solution would help create the “feel-good” experience that we wanted to provide. Too, pay attention to colors. Colors set moods. The positive energy of orange, the freshness of a light blue or the calming effect of a Moroccan green. Oh yes, and don’t forget about lighting and plants.

In a nutshell, these are the key ingredients we used to transform the premises on Jalan Angsoka into The Nest. Judging from the feedback of our guests, it seems we have done the right thing. And we are really happy to see that people like to stay with us!



1 thought on “Building a Nest

  1. glad to read your story of setting up the Nest 🙂 I’m sure with all the care and attention you put into the place and your guest it’ll be a really popular place with visitors!!

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