Breakfast in the Golden Triangle (1) – Roti Canai

Before 8am, downtown KL is at its best. The Golden Triangle is just waking up to a new day and takes a deep breath before it welcomes people who work in this part of town.

This is the time when you find us at the local “Mamak” (Malaysian-Indian restaurant) where we enjoy a Roti Canai. Roti Canai is an Indian-influenced flatbread that is found in Indonesia and Malaysia. It comes in various forms – such as with onion or egg or plain – all depending on you. And typically it is served with a variety of Dal (lentil curry) and other curries (chicken, fish, mutton). This dish is simply delicious and a must for everybody who visits KL.

Usually, we opt for Roti Telur (Roti Canai with egg) and of course a strong “Nescafe Ice” (Nescafe on ice with sweet condensed milk). People here know us already which is really nice. And they know that we will be back for more – no doubt, by tomorrow.


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